Credit Analyst (Australian Client)

Penempatan: Jakarta Selatan , DKI Jakarta
Kategori: Full Time
Gaji: 7,000,000 IDR - 8,000,000 IDR

Uraian Tugas

  • Checking and Verifying the completeness of the financing applications documents
  • Analyzing the legality of the submission document
  • Collecting information and analyzing related to the¬†business of the debtor (survey, telephone, observation, media) supports the credit analysis process
  • Review and validate the structure for submitting proposals received from the marketing team
  • Analyze the debtor's financial capacity (income, checking accounts, other data)
  • Compile and provide recommendations on the results of financial analysis
  • Analyzing the disbursement of financing
  • Monitoring the Credit Analyst's daily activity in the team

Syarat & Kualifikasi

  • Degree in Accounting¬† Finance Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or Management Engineering
  • At least 2 years of working experience in a related field
  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • Analytic skills (development) and problem-solving is a plus
  • Self-organization of all activities and priorities management
  • Focused on the ultimate goal (the customer's needs)
  • Must include a self-introduction video using English